Nicola and I have lived and worked in California for the past eleven years and have loved every minute of it.

One day not too long ago it hit us that we were spending a lot of time far from our beloved Italy and Veneto in particular, the beauty of its landscapes, our art, history and, most of all, our food and wine.

When Americans think of Italy, they think of Rome, Florence, Capri, Milan, Venice. I grew up twenty minutes away from Venice and I was starting to miss it. I told Nicola we had to do something about it. He laughed and said “let’s start to bring over our Murano glasses and vases, remember our wedding gifts?” I did remember, but I wanted more. I wanted something we could share and enjoy with our friends here with our new life. That’s how Veneto Hills started.

Alessandra and Nicola with their daughters

Our mission is to bring the Veneto excellence to the U.S. through our amazing wines and by offering the experience of our Villas to anyone travelling to Italy. The winery and vacation homes are just a short drive from Venice, in the hidden Hills of Prosecco’s Heaven. This is one of our family businesses and we have personally witnessed the building of the cellar and the renovation and decoration of Villa 2Castelli. We have also had the pleasure to stay and dine at all three vacation homes.

That’s how a great experience turned into a business.